My Neck My Back

I had my neck and thoracic vertebrae cracked by a chiropractor.The evening after getting treated I had done some ‘research’ which led to a mild panic attack of me believing I would die of a stroke within 7 days. So, don’t perform a google search before getting treated, because then you will not ever want to get treated at all. The good news is that I am well and alive.

The reason why I turned to a chiropractor is that I have been hunching all my life. Yoga has already helped me a great deal, but not as much as needed. The second reason was the enormous knot in my upper trapezius muscle on the left side of my neck. My left arm felt stiff all the time and disconnected from my motor control.

So, I went to the chiropractor. When I walked out, my head and my arms were put back on my body. This took a horrific scene of me lying on a table hearing multiple cracks from my neck. The chiropractor mentioned I could feel fatigued from the manual adjustments. And man! I was tired. I was so tired. I didn’t know I could feel this tired. I was sleeping 12 hours a night and during the day I was resting.

The next treatments, which followed up pretty fast, I insisted on not having my head twisted and using a more mild approach instead. Besides the tiredness I was experiencing some mild headache and queasiness. I found out that some of the nerves that protrude those thoracic vertebrae correspond to the stomach.  I had never  thought about that: my brain is connected with almost every tissue in my body trough wires that run through my spine.

Could my tiredness be a result of mistreating my upper back for years? I am not just talking about the hunching. I have been frequently carrying a diving set on my back in the past and that is a heavy bitch for a 110 pound female fairy. A rough calculation tells me all the gear together weights halve of that. That might have been too much for my nerve system to handle. All that muscle tension has accumulated and never released. And then: BOOM! Everything relaxes.

I have taken it easy lately (So no kicking and punching for a while). I do some weightlifting, cable pulling and convict conditioning . My upper back needs a bunch of tender love and care. So, I am treating myself on hot compresses every evening and occasional foam rolling. Yesterday I had my fifth consult and turned out that my neck and upper back are gradually loosening up from this messed up tension which means I only have to come back in two weeks. Yay!