Twisting knobs and moving sliders

When I was a kid, I used to show my mark list to my grannies, aunties and uncles. Because I was by far the youngest in the family, they were very generous—rewarding me with quite a bit of pocket money. Eventually I bought a lot of CD albums: the Spice Girls, Shania Twain, Britney Spears, Pink, Evanescence, you name it. (I am sorry; I thought that boys were stupid until I was 12.) And singles, of course. I can still recall the feeling of having a freshly-bought single in my hands, opening the CD cover for the first time, reading the lyrics from the booklet… They were less expensive than the albums, didn’t require me to patiently wait for the album release, and included  the best remixes.

When I grew older, I secretly developed this compulsion of composing playlists. I sometimes played them on my own birthday parties, on long car drives and dates.  Turned out that I was kind of DJing without knowing it.

So, I all of a sudden asked myself ‘Why am I not DJing?’ Why not, after having spent years of thinking: ‘This song would match that song perfectly.’ ‘Gosh, I wish I could paste this phrase of music into this break.’

After some VirtualDJ practice, I recently bought a second-hand Pioneer DDJ-SR. It is very nice to have a physical all-in-one-controller, being able to twist multiple knobs and  move sliders at the same time. It is also very confusing and I feel like a total spass during my first weeks of using my Pioneer. Slip mode? What is slip mode?

The only thing I can do now is to keep practicing. Yep. Just me in a tiny room with my headphones on.